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Fig. 1 | Microbiome

Fig. 1

From: Environmental toxicants in breast milk of Norwegian mothers and gut bacteria composition and metabolites in their infants at 1 month

Fig. 1

Environmental chemicals in breastmilk associate with infant gut microbiome β-diversity at 1 month by low, medium, and high exposure groups. PFOS and unweighted UniFrac, a box plots and b PCoA plot. PCB-167 and unweighted UniFrac, c boxplots and d PCoA plot. P value from PERMANOVA, * indicates significant after Bonferroni correction. There are three groups of boxplots per pairwise test showing distances within each of two exposure groups (“low”/“high,” “medium”/“high,” or “medium”/“low”) and “inter” the distances between exposure groups, e.g., a) The “inter” (gray) UniFrac distance between “low” PFOS exposed group (green) and “high” exposed group (purple) is greater than the distances within either the low group or the high group. Samples of both clusters partially overlap, obscuring these differences in PCoA plot B. In (c), the distances within the “low” (green) PCB-167 are lower (more similar) than the distances in the “high” (purple) group

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