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Table 2 Description of detected fungal taxa

From: Genome-resolved metagenomics of eukaryotic populations during early colonization of premature infants and in hospital rooms

Taxa Common habitats Pathogenicity Number of infants Locations In NICU Refs
Candida albicans Warm blooded animals Common nosocomial pathogen 6 Undetected [1]
Candida parapsilosis Warm blooded animals Common nosocomial pathogen (especially neonates) 2 Sink [82]
Candida tropicalis Warm blooded animals Common nosocomial pathogen 1 Undetected [83]
Nectria haematococca Soil, rhizosphere Pathogen of immunocompromised patients 0 Sink [84]
Malassezia sympodialis Human skin Opportunistic pathogen 1 Undetected [85]
Malassezia globosa Human skin Common commensal; implicated in dandruff 0 Surfaces [86]
Malassezia pachydermatis Skin of mammals Opportunistic pathogen 1 Undetected [87]
Trichosporon asahii Soil, human skin and GI tract Rare opportunistic pathogen 1 Undetected [88]
Verruconis Soil, decaying vegetation Verruconis includes black yeasts; human pathogens 0 Sink [89]
Exophiala Sinks, drain pipes, swimming pools Exophiala contains pathogens of vertebrates 0 Sink [90]