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Table 1 Properties of popular metagenome sequence simulators

From: CAMISIM: simulating metagenomes and microbial communities

Software De novo Profile Multi Strains Non-Illumina data Licensed Updated
MetaSim [62] X X 454 P, AU 03/2009
iMESS [63] X X X 454 07/2014
BBMap [64] X X X LBL 01/2019
NeSSM [42] X X 454 AU 07/2013
BEAR [43] X X AU 02/2017
FASTQSim [44] X X SOLiD, IonTorrent, PacBio GPL 05/2015
Grinder [45] X Sanger, 454 GPL 04/2016
CAMISIM PacBio, ONT, … Apache 2.0 01/2019
  1. Abbreviations: P, proprietary software; AU, academic use only; LBL, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  2. The table shows if an abundance profile can be generated by the simulator de novo and if an existing profile of a microbial community can be used as input. Further inspected features are the ability to simulate multi-sample data sets, strains, and non-Illumina data (e.g., long reads). Lastly, the table states if and how a software is licensed, and the date it was last recently updated