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Table 1 Summary of reference genomes used for mapping

From: Multi-scale characterization of symbiont diversity in the pea aphid complex through metagenomic approaches

Organism name Sequence ID Accession Reference
Acyrthosiphon pisum Genome SAMN00000061 [85]
Buchnera aphidicola Genome APS BA000003.2 [86]
Plasmid pLeu AP001071.1 [86]
Plasmid pTrp AP001070.1 [86]
Hamiltonella defensa 5AT Genome 5AT CP001277.1 [87]
Plasmid pHD5AT CP001278.1 [87]
Phage APSE1 AF157835.1 [88]
Phage APSE3 EU794053.1 [46]
Phage APSE4 EU794051.1 [46]
Phage APSE5 EU794050.1 [46]
Phage APSE6 EU794054.1 [46]
Phage APSE7 EU794052.1 [46]
Regiella insecticola 5.15 Genome AGCA01000000 [89]
  Plasmid pRILSR1 CM000957.1 [90]
Serratia symbiotica strain Tucson Genome GCA_000186485.2 [91]
Spiroplasma sp. Genome Upon request [42]
Fukatsuia symbiotica Genome GCA_900128755.1 [44]
Rickettsiella viridis Genome AP018005.1 [92]
Rickettsia sp. Genome Upon request This paper
plasmid pREIS3 CM000771.1
plasmid pRF GQ329881.1
plasmid pRAF CP001613.1
Wolbachia sp. wRi Genome GCA_000022285.1 [93]