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Table 1 Description of the mouse groups involved in this study

From: Gut microbiota in experimental murine model of Graves’ orbitopathy established in different environments may modulate clinical presentation of disease

No. of animals Immunization Centers Source Timepoint
5 TSHR 1 Intestinal scraping T4
10 TSHR 2 I.S./Feces T0–T4*
8 βgal 2 I.S./Feces T0–T4*
6 Untreated 2 I.S./Feces T4°
  1. A total of 23 female BALB/cOlaHsd, 6–8-week-old mice were challenged either with the pTriEx1.1Neo-hTSHR to induce disease (TSHR group) or with pTriEx1.1Neo-β-gal as a plasmid control group (βgal group). Independent SPF animal units were based in London (Center 1) and Essen (Center 2). An untreated group of six mice has been included as a background control. Samples collection comprised of intestine scraping (I.S.) from Center 1 and both fecal pellets and I.S. within Center 2
  2. *Fecal pellets of βgal and TSHR-immunized mice have been collected before any immunization (T0) and during the time course of the immunization protocol until the sacrifice (T4), as represented in Additional file 1: Figure S1
  3. °Untreated mice were sampled at T4 before (fecal) and after the sacrifice (intestinal scraping)