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Table 1 Main characteristics of the eight proposed F. prausnitzii phage genera

From: Phages infecting Faecalibacterium prausnitzii belong to novel viral genera that help to decipher intestinal viromes

Proposed genus Classification (Virfam) Bacterial hosts Prophage name Strains with complete prophagea Common features Evidence of activity
Genome size, kb RT Integrase type Recombinase CRISPR spacersa Viral contig
“FPlagaffevirus” Myoviridae type 1, cluster 6 F. prausnitzii
B. hansenii
Lagaffe A2-165, B. hansenii 20583, CM62/1 48.3 Yes IS30 TPase ERF   Yes
“FPmushuvirus” Myoviridae type1, cluster 8 “Saltoviridae” F. prausnitzii Mushu A2-165, C_4543, C_4574 36.4 Yes Mu TPase    Yes
Ruminococcaceae bacterium D16 MushuRBD16 R. bacterium D16 36.2 Yes Mu TPase    
“FPlughvirus” Siphoviridae type 1, cluster 1 F. prausnitzii Lugh C_4574, C_4543 34.1   Tyr Int Sak4 C_4544  
Lugh4544 C_4544 35.9   Tyr Int ERF   
Lugh4542 C_4542 36.4   Tyr Int ERF   
LughKLE1255 KLE1255 36.6   Tyr Int ERF   
Lugh4540 C_4540 31.1   Tyr Int Sak4   
LughL2-6 L2-6 31.2   Tyr Int    
“FPtaranisvirus” Myoviridae type 1, cluster 6 F. prausnitzii Taranis C_4574, C_4543 56.0 Yes LSR Sak4 C_4541(2), L2/6  
TaranisL2-6 L2-6 41.9   LSR Sak4 C_4541  
“FPeponavirus” Myoviridae type 1, cluster 6 F. prausnitzii Epona C_4573, C_4575 49.5 Yes LSR   C_4541, C_4575  
EponaM21-2 M21/2 48.5 Yes LSR    
“FPtoutatisvirus” Myoviridae type 1, cluster 6 F. prausnitzii Toutatis C_4542 54.7 Yes LSR   C_4541  
ToutatisL2-6 L2-6 53.6 Yes LSR   C_4541  
ToutatisKLE1255 KLE1255 54.5 Yes LSR   C_4541, L2/6 Yes
ToutatisSL3/3 SL3/3 50.1   LSR    
“FPbrigitvirus” Myoviridae type 1, cluster 7 F. prausnitzii Brigit C_4644 61.6 Yes LSR RecT C_4541  
“FPoengusvirus” Siphoviridae type 1, cluster 2 F. prausnitzii Oengus C_4542 58.4   Tyr Int    Yes
  1. RT retron-type reverse transcriptase, Tpase transposase, Tyr int tyrosine recombinase superfamily, LSR large serine recombinase, CM62/1 unclassified clostridium sp. CM62/1
  2. aC_ stands for CNCM