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Table 3 Summary of GLM and ANOVA test statistics on the alpha diversity within- and between-lakes of whitefish species microbiota

From: Holobionts and ecological speciation: the intestinal microbiota of lake whitefish species pairs

Effect F value t value P value
 Lake 0.833 0.507
 Species 0.035 0.852
 Lake*species 0.537 0.708
 Cliff 0.186 0.853
 East − 0.508 0.612
 Indian − 0.697 0.487
 Témiscouata 0.478 0.633
 Webster − 1.240 0.218
  1. These tests were performed with the inverse Simpson index, and similar results were observed with the Shannon index. Three effects are tested using a GLM followed by an ANOVA: the lake effect, the species effect, and their interaction