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Table 2 Significantly differentially abundant taxa between 2008 and 2010 among groups of individuals of interest from the Indonesia dataset

From: Differential human gut microbiome assemblages during soil-transmitted helminth infections in Indonesia and Liberia

Phylum Class Order Family Genus P value
A. Treatment effect—lower only after treatment
Proteobacteria Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Brucellaceae   3.7E-02
Proteobacteria Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Brucellaceae Ochrobactrum 3.7E-02
B. Treatment effect—higher only after treatment
Bacteroidetes Sphingobacteria     3.2E-04
Bacteroidetes Sphingobacteria Sphingobacteriales    2.0E-04
Bacteroidetes Sphingobacteria Sphingobacteriales Sphingobacteriaceae   5.1E-04
Bacteroidetes Flavobacteria     2.1E-03
Bacteroidetes Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales    2.1E-03
Bacteroidetes Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Flavobacteriaceae   2.1E-03
Proteobacteria Gammaproteobacteria Pseudomonadales    7.6E-03
Firmicutes Bacilli Lactobacillales Enterococcaceae Enterococcus* 9.3E-03
C. Deworming effect—higher only after deworming
Bacteroidetes Sphingobacteria Sphingobacteriales Sphingobacteriaceae Sphingobacterium 3.7E-02
Proteobacteria Deltaproteobacteria     3.8E-02
Firmicutes Erysipelotrichia Erysipelotrichales Erysipelotrichaceae Clostridium_XVIII** 4.2E-02
D. Deworming effect—lower only after deworming
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Prevotellaceae Xylanibacter 1.6E-02
Proteobacteria Betaproteobacteria Burkholderiales Sutterellaceae   2.0E-02
Firmicutes Bacilli Lactobacillales Leuconostocaceae Leuconostoc 4.0E-02
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Porphyromonadaceae Butyricimonas 4.2E-02
E. Self-cleared—higher only after self-clearing
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Porphyromonadaceae   2.0E-02
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Porphyromonadaceae Parabacteroides 8.5E-03
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Bacteroidaceae   2.7E-02
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Bacteroidaceae Bacteroides 4.6E-02
Synergistetes      3.5E-02
Synergistetes Synergistia     3.5E-02
Synergistetes Synergistia Synergistales    3.5E-02
E. Self-cleared—lower only after self-clearing
Actinobacteria Actinobacteria Coriobacteriales Coriobacteriaceae Olsenella* 1.4E-02
  1. *Also higher among infected individuals at baseline in Indonesia and Liberia (conserved STH-associated taxa)
  2. **Also higher among uninfected individuals at baseline in Indonesia