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Fig. 1

From: Commensal microbiota modulate gene expression in the skin

Fig. 1

Gene expression profiles differ between SPF and GF skin. a Dorsal skin collected from GF and SPF mice was subject to polyA-enriched RNA sequencing to identify transcriptional modulation by skin microbial communities. b NMDS plot based on filtered, normalized, batch effect-corrected read counts from each sample, showing that samples cluster together by condition. Blue triangles indicate SPF samples, and magenta squares indicate GF samples. c Volcano plot highlighting differentially expressed genes. Each dot represents a gene. Gray dots indicate DEGs. Magenta dots indicate DEGs with at least twofold enrichment in GF mice, while blue dots indicate DEGs with at least twofold enrichment in SPF mice. The x-axis is the log fold change in normalized gene expression and the y-axis depicts the log10 absolute value of the difference in expression between the two conditions. d Barplot indicating WGCNA gene modules to which the 730 DEGs with a twofold difference belong

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