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Fig. 7

From: Fungi stabilize connectivity in the lung and skin microbial ecosystems

Fig. 7

Keystone species analysis. Betweenness centrality vs. node degree of all species in the cross-domain bacterial-fungal networks of lung (a) and skin (b). Nodes with high betweenness centrality represented potential key connector (or bottleneck) species. Nodes with high degree represented hubs in the network. Both measures were indicators for potential keystone species. Bacterial species (dots) and fungal species (squares) were colored by phylum membership. Bacterial and fungal species that were maximal in either property are highlighted in both plots. One fungus in the Davidiellaceae family (top right) may act as potential keystone species in the skin microbiome. In addition, we highlighted the role of Candida parapsilosis across both networks

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