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Fig. 3

From: Fungi stabilize connectivity in the lung and skin microbial ecosystems

Fig. 3

Subnetwork of exclusive OTUs with HIV+, HIV−, COPD+, and COPD− status and their nearest neighbors. Seventeen fungal OTUs were uniquely present in HIV+ individuals while one bacterial and five fungal OTUs were uniquely present in HIV− individuals. Seven fungal OTUs were uniquely present in COPD+ individuals while eight bacterial and ten fungal OTUs uniquely occurred in COPD− individuals. a The 17 HIV+ OTUs and their 51 nearest neighbors OTUs formed a subnetwork with five components. The HIV− subnetwork was comprised of 6 single-status nodes and 32 adjacent neighbors organized in three components. b The 17 COPD− OTUs with its 51 adjacent OTUs formed a large connected component with 64 members and a small four-node component. The seven COPD+ OTUs with 33 adjacent nodes organized into a disconnected six component network

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