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Table 4 Bacterial taxa associated with moisture damage renovations, as determined via PCoA approach, LefSe, and glm-edgeR (presented are OTUs that were detected with at least two of the three approaches; arrows indicate decrease or increase in relative abundance during moisture damage renovations)

From: Indoor microbiota in severely moisture damaged homes and the impact of interventions

OTU ID Taxonomic allocation Weighted UniFrac LefSe glm-edgeR  
a826144 Sphingobacteriaceae Pedobacter x x x
a972343 Nakamurellaceae   x x  
a,b965853 Solirubrobacterales   x x  
a,b939252 Staphylococcaceae Staphylococcus x x  
a876170 Microbacteriaceae Salinibacterium x x  
a870223 Nakamurellaceae   x x  
a825183 Chitinophagaceae   x x  
a810959 Intrasporangiaceae Phycicoccus x x  
a672144 Comamonadaceae Roseateles x x  
a662915 Aurantimonadaceae   x x  
a581286 Microbacteriaceae   x x  
a549557 Nocardioidaceae   x x  
a,b538111 Intrasporangiaceae   x x  
a4398116 Cellulomonadaceae Actinotalea x x  
a,b367851 Propionibacteriaceae Microlunatus x x  
a324217 Nocardioidaceae Aeromicrobium x x  
285591 Solirubrobacterales   x x  
a,b279515 Intrasporangiaceae Phycicoccus x x  
a207885 Burkholderiaceae Burkholderia   x x
a196652 Burkholderiaceae Burkholderia   x x
a134121 Microbacteriaceae   x x  
a112867 Chloroflexi Ellin6529 x x  
a1105814 Bradyrhizobiaceae   x x  
a1079481 Pseudonocardiaceae Pseudonocardia x x  
a,b1051744 Microbacteriaceae   x x  
1039041 Sporichthyaceae   x x  
a1033426 Nocardioidaceae Nocardioides x x  
  1. aStatistically significant difference (p < 0.05; Wilcoxon signed-rank test) in house dust pre versus post moisture damage renovation in pairwise sample comparison (N = 20 + 20)
  2. bStatistically significant difference (p < 0.05; Wilcoxon signed-rank test) in house dust samples pre versus post moving into a new home pairwise sample comparison (N = 21 + 21)