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Table 5 Information of the dogs that had undergone surgery prior to sampling

From: Individual signatures and environmental factors shape skin microbiota in healthy dogs

Individual Surgery date Surgery type Medicines From To Sites w. reduced α-diversity a
Dog 14 2016/04/08 Spay Amoxicillin (antibiotic) + Previcox (anti-inflammatory) 2016/04/08 2016/04/13 Chin and abdomen
Dog 15 2016/04/18 Spay Amoxicillin (antibiotic) + Previcox (anti-inflammatory) 2016/04/18 2016/04/23 Chin, axilla, abdomen, and ID region
Dog 16 2016/03/30 GI obstruction Pepcid AC (antihistamine) + Tramadol (analgesic) 2016/04/01 2016/04/06 Chin, axilla, abdomen, ID region, and perianal area
Dog 17 2016/04/12 Spay Previcox (anti-inflammatory) 2016/04/12 2016/04/16 Chin, axilla, abdomen, and perianal
Dog 20 2016/01/05 Spay Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory) 2016/01/05 2016/01/10 None
  1. aReduced alpha diversity values include those ones that are half or less than the median alpha diversity of that specific skin site of the non-surgery dogs (Additional file 4C)