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Table 1 List of air and surface samples and description of the corresponding sampling area at the Mars500 facility (EU-250 = utility module, EU-150 = habitable module, and EU-100 = medical module)

From: Preparing for the crewed Mars journey: microbiota dynamics in the confined Mars500 habitat during simulated Mars flight and landing

Module Air sample no. Description Surface Sample no. Description Surface character Orientation
250 1 On the floor in front of the toilet 2 Wall above the vanity basin Stainless steel Vertical
6 On the floor of the gym next to the treadmill 3 Wall under the faucet close to the corner in the per capita shower cabin Stainless steel Vertical
7 On the floor in front of the greenhouse 9 Left hand side of the inside of the greenhouse Stainless steel Vertical
8 On the floor between storage racks 11 Rack surface from the storage area of clothes Stainless steel Horizontal
9 On the floor between the fridges     
150 3 On the carpeted part of the floor in the community room 1 External surface of the toilet bowl Stainless steel Horizontal
4 On top of the table in the dining area 4 Wall in the corner in the community cabin Wood Vertical
5 On the floor of an individual compartment 5 Desktop surface close to the keyboard on the left hand side in the main panel Wood Horizontal
   6 Surface of the dining table in the kitchen Wood Horizontal
10 Table surface in individual compartment Wood Horizontal
100 2 On the floor at the working place between desk and bunk 7 Table surface close to the insulator zone Wood Horizontal
   8 Table surface around water plum Wood Horizontal