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Table 3 db-RDA of unweighted and weighted UniFrac distances among local environment and bat skin microbiota samples

From: Enrichment of beneficial bacteria in the skin microbiota of bats persisting with white-nose syndrome

  Model Test Adjusted R 2 F statistic
db-RDA unweighted UniFrac Sites Global 0.1804*** 4.3457
Partial: type 0.1934*** 4.8220
Type Global 0.0473*** 4.7786
Partial: sites 0.0604*** 6.6491
db-RDA weighted UniFrac Sites Global 0.1763*** 4.2544
Partial: type 0.1892*** 4.8584
Type Global 0.0752*** 7.1866
Partial: sites 0.0881*** 9.5141
  1. Sites and type model redundant variation with UniFrac beta diversity variation among M. lucifugus skin microbiota and site environmental microbial assemblage. Global test for one model redundant variation on microbial community whereas the partial test for the model controlling variation from the other model. ***p ≤ 0.001. Total inertia of response variable matrix is 0.21818 for db-RDA unweighted UniFrac and 0.22375 db-RDA weighted UniFrac