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Table 1 Samples used in this study and run-time (based on the computer specifications on Additional file 1)

From: MetaMeta: integrating metagenome analysis tools to improve taxonomic profiling

Sets # Samples Total bases # Species Cpu time/sample Estimated wall time/sample
CAMI toy low 1 14.8 Gbp 30 31:04:52 02:35:24
CAMI toy medium 4 31.3 Gbp 199 15:18:16 01:16:31
CAMI toy high 5 74.5 Gbp 375 33:20:30 02:46:42
HMP stool 147 1.44 Tbp 299* 19:39:39 01:38:18
  1. cpu time/sample stands for the mean cpu time for each sample without paralellization. Estimated wall time/sample considers a double speed-up by using 12 threads and concurrently running all six tools (when computational resources are available the pipeline can run all tools/samples/databases at the same time). *expected number of species from isolated genomes from the gastrointestinal tract