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Fig. 1

From: Control of lupus nephritis by changes of gut microbiota

Fig. 1

Lactobacillus spp. protect female lpr mice from LN. a Time-dependent changes of fecal microbiota upon PBS or Lactobacillus (Lacto) treatment (n = 4 mice per group). b Level of anti-dsDNA IgG in the blood of 10-week-old mice (n = 7 mice per group; **P < 0.01). c Level of proteinuria over time (n = 7 mice per group; paired t test; *P < 0.05). d Renal histopathology at 14 weeks of age (n = 7 mice per group; chi-square test; *P < 0.05). Left: PAS-stained kidney sections; bar equals 100 μm. e Survival rate (n = 10 mice per group; chi-square test; ****P < 0.0001)

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