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Table 1 Niche analysis of clades and branches of undescribed fungi

From: Novel soil-inhabiting clades fill gaps in the fungal tree of life

Group Representative: accession; OTU; sample No sequences; occurrences; OTUs Niche and habitat
Clade GS01, unassigned phylum UDB014611; GL00251; S114 230; 52; 26 Low MAT; Europe, Southern South America
Clade GS02, Rozellomycota UDB014756; GL09833; G2846 78; 19; 6 Low MAP, near-neutral soils; Europe, temperate dec. forest
Clade GS03, Rozellomycota UDB014679; GL04110; S136 31; 14; 9 Tolerates recent fire, low MAT; tundra
Branch1, Rozellomycota UDB014728; GL07679; S234 16; 8; 4 Tolerates recent fire, high soil C; Central America
Clade GS04, Rozellomycota UDB014664; GL03020; G2840 12; 7; 4 Intolerant of recent fire, low pH*; tundra
Clade GS05, Rozellomycota UDB014721; GL06927; S132 276; 144; 63 Avoids recent fire; low MAT
Clade GS06, Rozellomycota UDB014815; GL19521; G2819 37; 15; 5 Very low MAT** and MAP***; tundra and boreal forest, Europe
Clade GS07, Rozellomycota UDB014956; GL50970; G2794 4; 4; 1 nd
Clade GS08, Rozellomycota UDB014958; GL51158; G2819 7; 7; 2 Low MAT*** and MAP**; cool temperate forests
Clade GS09, Rozellomycota UDB014949; GL48063; S131 8; 6; 3 Tolerates recent fire, low MAT***; cool temperate habitats
Clade GS10, Rozellomycota UDB014882; GL31339; S084 189; 26; 10 High MAP, low pH; India
Clade GS11, Rozellomycota UDB014836; GL23025; s206 2509; 716; 219 Low soil pH; moist tropical and temperate dec. forest
Branch2, Rozellomycota UDB014923; GL39891; G2732 4; 2; 1 nd
Clade GS12, Rozellomycota UDB014881; GL30957; G2839 31; 16; 8 Very low MAT; tundra and boreal forest
Branch3, Rozellomycota UDB014895; GL33834; G2677 3; 2; 1 nd
Clade GS13, Chytridiomycota UDB014650; GL02368; G2750 29; 10; 6 Very high MAT***; Australia; tropical dry forest
Clade GS14, Chytridiomycota UDB014658; GL02816; S002 77; 12; 7 Warm temperate and tropical climate; Gondwanan
Clade GS15, Chytridiomycota UDB014729; GL08046; S188 37; 26; 15 Moderately low pH; Southern South America
Clade GS16, Aphelida UDB014619; GL00457; S238 25; 16; 7 Moderately low soil P; warm temperate climate
Clade GS17, Zygomycota UDB014847; GL23867; s124 57; 17; 3 Low MAP*** and MAT***, moderately low pH; Laurasian
Clade GS18, Zygomycota UDB014671; GL03481; G2835 162; 55; 14 Temperate climate, low pH; Eurasia
Clade GS19, Zygomycota UDB014747; GL09098; S008 312; 116; 75 Humid tropical climate, low pH; SE Asia
Clade GS20, Zygomycota UDB014697; GL04809; G2660 2364; 289; 36 High MAT, low pH; tropical rain forest, savannas
Clade GS21, Zygomycota UDB014852; GL24622; S049 14; 6; 6 High MAT*** and MAP***, low pH*
Clade GS22, Zygomycota UDB014740; GL08312; S171 52; 37; 11 Moderate MAT, very low pH; New Zealand
Clade GS23, Zygomycota UDB014792; GL15602; G2643 438; 80; 22 Very low pH; tropical rain forest
Clade GS24, Glomeromycota UDB014833; GL22083; S045 38; 20; 16 Neutral pH; tropical climate
Branch4, Entorrhizomycota UDB014934; GL42909; G2745 10; 6; 3 Tropical savannas
Clade GS25, Basidiomycota UDB014764; GL10954; S159 63; 10; 2 Warm temperate climate
Clade GS26, Basidiomycota UDB014713; GL06120; S060 161; 14; 4 High MAP*** and MAT**, very low pH***; Northern South America
Clade GS27, Basidiomycota UDB014864; GL26681; S114 159; 102; 18 Low MAT; boreal and temperate deciduous forest
Clade GS28, Basidiomycota UDB014693; GL04630; S004 187; 39; 14 High MAT*** and MAP***, very low pH; tropical moist forest
Branch5, Basidiomycota UDB014858; GL26492; G2647 12; 5; 4 Prefers recent fire, high MAT*** and MAP**; Australia
Clade GS29, Basidiomycota UDB014802; GL16303; AV123 140; 5; 3 Very high MAP** and MAT
Clade GS30, Basidiomycota UDB014766; GL11329; G2641 212; 43; 12 High soil P, moderate MAT***; Gondwanan
Clade GS31, Ascomycota UDB014859; GL26545; S046 341; 36; 18 Tropical climate, moderate pH; Central America
Clade GS32, Ascomycota UDB014870; GL29325; G2660 18; 6; 3 High MAT*** and MAP***; Central America
Clade GS33, Ascomycota UDB014886; GL32399; S049 80; 32; 21 Moderate MAP; Australia, tropical savannas
Clade GS34, Ascomycota UDB014912; GL45481; G2629 43; 26; 14 Warm temperate climate
Clade GS35, Ascomycota UDB014945; GL45252; S163 989; 177; 60 Tropical climate; Central America and Africa, grasslands
Branch6, Ascomycota UDB014790; GL15471; G2658 113; 38; 18 Very high MAT, neutral soil pH; tropical dry forest
Branch7, Ascomycota UDB014800; GL16288; AV103 115; 71; 20 Very high MAT*** and MAP***, very low pH***; Northern South America
Clade GS36, Ascomycota UDB014939; GL43498; G2736 92; 37; 20 High MAT; montane rain forest
Clade GS37, Ascomycota UDB014659; GL02919; S123 40; 15; 4 Moderate MAT*** and soil pH***; Southern South America
  1. The groups are arranged by increasing distance from the fungal root. Asterisks indicate a significantly more narrow distribution compared with the null distribution (***P < 0.001; **P < 0.01; *P < 0.05)
  2. nd not determined