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Fig. 2

From: Temporal bacterial and metabolic development of the preterm gut reveals specific signatures in health and disease

Fig. 2

Dynamics of the microbiome through each preterm gut community type (PGCT) in patients diagnosed with NEC compared to matched controls over the initial weeks of life. a Transition network analysis showing PGCTs in the PreNEC samples. Approximated as a Markov chain with subject-independent transition probabilities. Arrow weights reflect the transition probabilities from the existing PGCT to the subsequent PGCT in next sample. Size of circle reflects the relative number of samples associated with that PGCT. Increasing fractions represent PGCT that have relatively larger number of predisease diagnosis samples. b Visualisation of the PGCTs in each individual patient overtime. Red dotted lines represent day of NEC diagnosis. Only samples up to day 50 of life are included. Patient 180 died during the study

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