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Table 3 OTUs in the simple community dataset that displayed differential abundances over the course of two weeks of storage at room temperature

From: Latitude in sample handling and storage for infant faecal microbiota studies: the elephant in the room?

  Mean reads (% of dataset total) at:      Significant after a MHC?
OTU 4 h 2 weeks Exponentiated coefficient 2.5 % CI 97.5 % CI P value
Enterococcus 26.61 34.00 1.0008 1.0001 1.0015 0.034 No
Bifidobacterium 7.15 10.78 1.0028 1.0010 1.0046 0.002 Yes
Veillonella1 7.06 1.12 0.9936 0.9903 0.9968 <0.001 Yes
Veillonella2 2.03 0.09 0.9892 0.9868 0.9916 <0.001 Yes
  1. The OTUs shown shift significantly in relative abundance in the simple faecal community dataset over 2 weeks of storage at room temperature. Mean sequencing reads in the samples stored for 4 h and those stored for 2 weeks are shown. The exponentiated coefficients were provided by the GLMs and approximate the rate of change of relative abundance for each OTU per hour of storage; 2.5 and 95 % CI indicate the 95 % confidence interval around the exponentiated coefficient. P values indicate the significance of the coefficient (prior to MHC for nine tested OTUs). The final column indicates whether the result would still be significant after a Bonferroni correction