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Table 1 Data fields for MetaSUB mobile data collection

From: The Metagenomics and Metadesign of the Subways and Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) International Consortium inaugural meeting report

Category # of fields Fields, with input from OSBSS metadata
MetaSUB data type 15 Soil, Superfund site, waterway, land/sea/air interface, subway, marine wild-life, synthetic ecologies, cockroach, bedbug, pigeon, rat, worm, lab mice, NYC homes, sewage
Surface composition 9 Metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, leather, concrete, glass, other
Surface type 8 Kiosk, turnstile, bench, railing, handrail, garbage can, payphone, other
Surface porosity 3 Hermetically sealed, porous, absorbent
Cleaning frequency 1 Frequency per day
Cleaning type 1 Text for detergent or methods used
Human activity 3 Video, IR, and observational estimates of # of people
Air vents 3 Number of input and output vents
Subway lines 22 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, J, Z, L, S, N, Q R
Subway stations 468 Auto-complete from form
Subway car position 3 First car, N + l car, last car
Train ID 1 Train# 4673
Temperature 1 Range from −50°F to 15 CTF
Humidity 1 Range from 0 to 100 %
Park surfaces 9 Bench, handrailing, water fountain, slide, monkey bars, swings, trash can, lamp post, other
Audio 3 Record, play, delete
Geotag and time 1 GPS-coordinates (longitude and latitude) and time-stamp
Photograph 1 iOSor android-based