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Table 1 Description of sampling sites

From: A comprehensive method for amplicon-based and metagenomic characterization of viruses, bacteria, and eukaryotes in freshwater samples

Watershed Site name Average depth (m) at cross section Average width (m) at cross section Elevation from the sea level (m) Water flow (m3/s) Description
Urbana, b UPL 0.17 1.26 119 0.06 At site of urban “pollution,” in residential area.
UDS 0.14 2.68 8 0.29 Downstream of urban “pollution,” 1 km from UPL.
Agriculturalc AUP 0.16 1.71 118 0.16 Upstream of agricultural “pollution.” Not affected by agricultural activity, with minimal housing nearby.
APL 0.79 7.33 10 2.11 At site of agricultural “pollution.” AUP is upstream of APL, separated by 9 km. Multiple farms near this site.
ADS 1.72 25.5 8 9.97 Downstream of agricultural “pollution.” ADS is downstream of APL, 2.5 km away.
Protected PUP 0.24 7.7 198 0.60 Upstream of drinking water reservoir in protected watershed.
PDS 2.1 2.1 111 1.01 Downstream of PUP-fed reservoir, collected after passing through an 8.8 km pipe.
  1. aAverage distance between urban and agricultural watershed: 63 km
  2. bAverage distance between urban and protected watershed: 101 km
  3. cAverage distance between agricultural and protected watershed: 132 km