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Fig. 2

From: Marker genes that are less conserved in their sequences are useful for predicting genome-wide similarity levels between closely related prokaryotic strains

Fig. 2

The 16s rRNA percent identity compared with the average AAI for all pairs of genomes (a) and with random samplings (b). The latter shows the 95 % confidence interval of AAI for each 2 % range of 16s rRNA percent identity, based on 20 random samplings of 100 genome pairs to assure that no genome was considered twice. While there is a general trend that higher 16s rRNA similarity indicates higher AAI, the range of AAI becomes broader for prokaryotes with more similar 16s rRNA sequences. For example, pairs of prokaryotes with 98 % 16s rRNA identity can have an AAI of anywhere between 50 and 100 %. The range of average AAI values for each bin is plotted in red, with the 95 % confidence interval upper and lower boundaries plotted in black

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