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Table 2 Detection of C. difficile and its toxins in four asymptomatically colonized and four CDI patients

From: Bloom and bust: intestinal microbiota dynamics in response to hospital exposures and Clostridium difficile colonization or infection

Patient ID Sample type Toxigenic culturea Enzyme immunoassayc WMGS sequencing
Culture Toxinb No. of reads Relative abundance of C. difficile (%)
Asymptomatically colonized       
 30 Rectal swab Positive Negative ND 8,487,324 0.000
 63 Rectal swab Positive Positive ND 10,366,360 0.000
 87 Rectal swab Positive Negative ND 4,489,956 0.363
 99 Stool Positive Positive ND 14,952,432 0.064
 35 Stoold Negative ND Positive 5,926,081 0.000
 36 Stoold Positive Positive ND 7,068,998 0.017
 55 Stool Positive Positive Positive 9,950,687 0.003
 98 Stool Negative ND Positive 4,337,018 0.000
  1. WMGS whole-metagenome shotgun, ND not done
  2. aPerformed by Dale N. Gerding’s laboratory
  3. bDetected by restriction endonuclease analysis or cytotoxicity assay
  4. cPerformed on a stool sample at the Jewish General Hospital
  5. dA rectal swab was used for WMGS sequencing