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Table 1 Eight sources of airborne microorganisms in the built environment and data about source strength. For most sources, no information is presently available about source strength

From: Sources of airborne microorganisms in the built environment

Source Source strength Reference
Humans 3.7 × 107 bacterial genome copies per person-houra [33]
7.3 × 106 fungal genome copies per person-houra
31 mg total per person-houra
2.2 × 102 (median) and 2.6 × 105 (max) influenza genome copies (<5 μm) per person-houra [41]
Pets TBD N/A
Plants TBD N/A
Plumbing systems TBD N/A
Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems TBD N/A
Mold TBD N/A
Resuspension of settled dust TBD from walking N/A
4 × 104 (median) and 7.4 × 105 (max) bacterial genome copies per min from vacuum cleaners [99]
Outdoor air Depends on concentration in outdoor air, ventilation rate, and penetration efficiency N/A
  1. TBD to be determined (not yet reported in the literature), N/A not available
  2. aSize-resolved estimates are also available