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Table 1 Significant changes in distribution of Caudovirales subfamilies/genera from metaviromes extracted with LIT, PEG, and TFF

From: Optimizing protocols for extraction of bacteriophages prior to metagenomic analyses of phage communities in the human gut

    Relative abundance (%)
Order Family Subfamily/genus LIT PEG TFF
Caudovirales Myoviridae Bcepmulikevirus 0.05B 0.10AB 0.12A
Caudovirales Myoviridae Felixounalikevirus 0.09B 0.22AB 0.32A
Caudovirales Myoviridae Mulikevirus 0.08B 0.15AB 0.16A
Caudovirales Myoviridae Pbunalikevirus 0.02A 0.01B 0.01B
Caudovirales Myoviridae Peduovirinae 2.72A 0.28B 0.28B
Caudovirales Myoviridae PhiCD119likevirus 0.73B 1.46AB 2.07A
Caudovirales Myoviridae Phikzlikevirus 0.13A 0.04B 0.05B
Caudovirales Myoviridae Punalikevirus 0.34A 0.08B 0.07B
Caudovirales Myoviridae Tevenvirinae 2.23A 1.76B 1.78B
Caudovirales Myoviridae Unassigned 3.22A 0.63B 0.71B
Caudovirales Podoviridae Autographivirinae 0.11B 0.34A 0.36A
Caudovirales Podoviridae Bppunalikevirus 0.10B 0.33AB 0.37A
Caudovirales Podoviridae Epsilon15likevirus 0.08B 0.14A 0.14A
Caudovirales Podoviridae Phieco32likevirus 0.10A 0.04B 0.05B
Caudovirales Podoviridae Unassigned 0.14B 0.18AB 0.24A
Caudovirales Podoviridae Unclassified 6.16A 5.66AB 5.21B
Caudovirales Siphoviridae Lambdalikevirus 2.75A 0.57B 0.71B
Caudovirales Siphoviridae N15likevirus 0.11A 0.01B 0.01B
Caudovirales Siphoviridae Phic3unalikevirus 0.1B 0.15AB 0.18A
Caudovirales Siphoviridae Tunalikevirus 0.02B 0.13A 0.13A
Caudovirales Siphoviridae Unclassified 18.39B 30.40A 32.91A
  1. Values with different superscripts (A, B, C) were significantly different through one-way ANOVA (using false discovery rate (FDR) correction), which was performed using 1,000 subsampled OTU tables