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Fig. 7

From: Chemostat culture systems support diverse bacteriophage communities from human feces

Fig. 7

Bar graphs (┬▒standard deviation) representing the Homologous Virus Diversity Index (HVDI) and Shannon Index values for a group of randomly constructed viromes. Each virome was constructed by randomly sampling amongst the viruses present in the NCBI and Phantome databases, and each was constructed to meet specific evenness values. The Shannon index was determined based on the actual sampling of the viruses in the databases, and the HVDI was determined after assembly of the randomly constructed viromes. For each evenness value, 10 separate iterations were performed on different sets of randomly sampled genomes. The y-axis represents values for either the Shannon Index or the HVDI, and the x-axis represents the evenness value to which the viromes were constructed to meet. a-e represent the different numbers of virus genotypes that were sampled

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