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Table 1 OTUs removed from sequencing data prior to biostatical analysis

From: Deriving accurate microbiota profiles from human samples with low bacterial content through post-sequencing processing of Illumina MiSeq data

Genus OTU identity
Achromobacter JF925009
Acidovorax JN869209, HQ681993
Bergeyella New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU46637
Brevundimonas a EF600592
Candidatus Planktoluna FN668204
Cellulosimicrobium New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU1526
Chryseobacterium a New. ReferenceOTU87, New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU40460, New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU30994, AY46848
Clavibacter New. ReferenceOTU27
Devosia AY162048
Flavobacterium New. ReferenceOTU91, New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU22231
Gelidibacter New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU10780
Janthinobacterium EU801443
Mesorhizobium DQ228360
Ochrobactrum DQ860022
Pedobacter New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU91
Pelomonas a JF733429, FJ269077
Phyllobacterium a GQ255500
Pseudomonas a JN187532, JF970596, GU272272, FJ347714, EF515711
Ralstonia a GU940710
Rhizobium GQ472936
Rhodanobacter New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU3920
Sphingomonas EF098188
Stenotrophomonas FJ184356, AY373393
Terrimonas New. CleanUp. ReferenceOTU20538
Turicibacter AY953239
Undibacterium GU940681
Variovorax a GU731299, GU272259
  1. aIndicates contaminant OTUs detected in the DNA extraction negative controls. Sequences corresponding to OTU identities are included in Additional file 2 (filtered_contaminants.fna). Where accession numbers are given for OTU identities, the representative sequence from our dataset is 97% similar to the actual sequencing pertaining to that accession number.