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Figure 1

From: Genomic resolution of linkages in carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycling among widespread estuary sediment bacteria

Figure 1

Diversity of organisms from which genomic bins were reconstructed from the White Oak River sediments. Phylogenetic tree inferred from 16 syntenous ribosomal protein genes present within genomic bins from the sediment metagenomic assemblies. Each sequence in bold is from one genomic bin. Genomic bins belonging to novel phyla for which no reference genomes are available (WOR-1, WOR-2, WOR-3, TA06, and KD3-62) were designated based on corresponding 16S rRNA gene phylogenetic analyses (FigureĀ 2). The sample depths from which each of the bins were obtained are delineated by blue (shallow), green (SMTZ), and red (deep). The phylogeny was generated using the PhyML (maximum likelihood) method.

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