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Figure 5

From: The daily dynamics of cystic fibrosis airway microbiota during clinical stability and at exacerbation

Figure 5

Community movement before and during exacerbation. Bray-Curtis-based nonmetric multidimensional scaling plots showing daily sputum samples from four subjects (subject A is red; subject B is green; subject C is black; subject D is blue) collected during periods of clinical stability (open circles) and at onset of symptoms of exacerbation (closed circles). A Arrows indicate relative influence of the specified OTUs on the position of samples in the ordination space. B Each subject's plot is shown separately with lines connecting samples from first (open triangle) to last (star) collected (stress = 0.151). Each subject's plot is magnified to fill the ordination space and highlight movement between that subject's samples. Baseline samples are enclosed by a dashed ellipse; exacerbation samples are enclosed by a solid ellipse.

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