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Table 2 Association of different factors with microbial communities at staphylococcal carriage sites at the baseline visit

From: The shared microbiota of humans and companion animals as evaluated from Staphylococcus carriage sites

Comparison category Host species Anatomic site Beta diversity metric R statistic and significance
Host species and anatomical site (cat, dog, or human and nares, oral cavity or inguinal/axilla) All All Weighted UniFrac 0.5753***
Unweighted UniFrac 0.4731***
Bray-Curtis 0.5803***
Binary Jaccard 0.5470***
Host species (cat, dog, or human) All Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.4326***
Unweighted UniFrac 0.2525***
Bray-Curtis 0.5230***
Binary Jaccard 0.5378***
Household membership Cats Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.4698*
Unweighted UniFrac 0.7501**
Bray-Curtis 0.7776**
Binary Jaccard 0.9451**
  Cats Oral cavity Weighted UniFrac 0.5246**
Unweighted UniFrac 0.5815**
Bray-Curtis 0.5714**
Binary Jaccard 0.6018**
  Dogs Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.1786
Unweighted UniFrac 0.4100*
Bray-Curtis 0.0363
Binary Jaccard 0.4170*
  Dogs Oral cavity Weighted UniFrac 0.4090**
Unweighted UniFrac 0.3042**
Bray-Curtis 0.4372**
Binary Jaccard 0.5328**
  Humans Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.2525*
Unweighted UniFrac 0.4926**
Bray-Curtis 0.3203**
Binary Jaccard 0.5012**
  Humans Inguinal/axilla Weighted UniFrac −0.0178
Unweighted UniFrac 0.1196
Bray-Curtis 0.0472
Binary Jaccard 0.1931*
Index subject status (Yes or no) Humans Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.0558
Unweighted UniFrac −0.0774
Bray-Curtis 0.0807
Binary-Jaccard −0.1209
  Humans Inguinal/axilla Weighted UniFrac 0.1084
Unweighted UniFrac −0.1137
Bray-Curtis 0.1399
Binary Jaccard 0.1010
Household pet ownership (Yes or no) Human Nares Weighted UniFrac 0.1466
Unweighted UniFrac −0.0579
Bray-Curtis 0.0507
Binary Jaccard −0.0350
  Human Inguinal/axilla Weighted UniFrac −0.0256
Unweighted UniFrac 0.0495
Bray-Curtis −0.0319
Binary Jaccard 0.1119
  1. Summarized are ANOSIM analyses assessing association of various metadata on microbial community distances measured using weighted and unweighted UniFrac, Bray-Curtis index, and Jaccard index. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.005, and ***p ≤ 0.001 (FDR adjusted values).