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Figure 2

From: The shared microbiota of humans and companion animals as evaluated from Staphylococcus carriage sites

Figure 2

Taxonomic classification of microbiota colonizing pet and human sites of Staphylococcus carriage and lesions. Bacterial relative abundance of (A) cat oral cavity, (B) cat nares, (C) dog oral cavity, (D) dog nares, (E) human combined inguinal crease/axillae, (F) human nares, and (G) human healing lesions. The genera are colored by their phylum membership: Proteobacteria: green (Gammaproteobacteria) and yellow (Betaproteobacteria); Firmicutes: red/pink (Bacilli) and orange (Clostridia); Actinobacteria: blue; Bacteroidetes: purple; Fusobacteria: brown; Tenericutes: black; all others: grey).

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