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Table 1 Subject information

From: Characterization of the nasopharyngeal microbiota in health and during rhinovirus challenge

  Subject number
Variable 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Age, years 19 19 18 18 20 21 21 20 19 21
Sex F F F M F M M M M M
Race White1 White White White White, Asian White White White African American White
Route of inoculation Eye Nose Nose Nose Nose Eye Eye Eye Nose Nose
HRV infection yes no yes yes yes no yes yes no yes
Criteria for infection status Ab - HRV/Ab HRV HRV/Ab - HRV/Ab Ab - HRV/Ab
  1. 1The subject did not specify “Non-hispanic.” For criteria for infection status, HRV indicates HRV shedding in at least one sample during time points 4 to 8 (during the infection period) and Ab indicates that the subject had a 4-fold rise in serum-neutralizing antibody in response to the challenge virus. M, male; F, female.